Our History

Coca cola has a long history, it is one of the biggest manufacturing company in the world with branches in virtually all the countries of the world. The coca cola brand started in the year 1886 when an English Pharmacist known as John Stith invented the product in the State of Georgia in the United States of America. The brand was later sold to another company known as Asa Griggs Candler that added the brand to their existing brand in the year 1892 in the same city of Georgia where the company originated.

Aside that the company headquarter is in Georgia, it also has an incorporation in Delaware that has been operating a franchise since the year 1889; it is into the manufacturing of syrup concentrate and distributed throughout the world for usage. The coca cola company has its own bottler company in the North America with the name “Coca Cola Refreshment”. The coca cola as the world producer of plastic drinks with over 3 million bottles produced every year has its stock listed on the NYSE.

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Minute Maid Coca – Cola – We are a subsidiary and big merchant of coca-cola in Canada and are responsible for the production and distribution of bottled drink to retailers and vendors in Canada. We manufacture most of the popular drinks in Canada which includes Five Alive, Nestea and many more.

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One of our rising factory in Peterborough urgently need to fill some of her position for the required roles.



  • Responsible for the loading of can in to the casing line
  • Cleaning of the machine
  • Organizing of the bottled beverages
  • Picking of the goods as required from the warehouse
  • Standing in for other associates that are on leave
  • Follows all the required procedures and safety precautions policies in the factory
  • Organize and see to submission of the required reports in the factory
  • Other role and duties from the department head
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  • Minimum of High School certificate is required for this role
  • Must have at least one year prior experience in the same role
  • Priority will be given to someone with experience in food manufacturing
  • Should be able to stand for long hours
  • Should be able to work shift with other colleagues
  • Be able to lift heavy loads as required.